Qumir Avocado Oil

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Derrick Lin


Agency: Litho Lab Creativos
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Estanislao del Chimú
Location: Lima, Perú
Packaging Material: Recycled high density polyethylene adhesive

For this project, we decided to create a premium product that differs from domestic and imported competitors and thereby enhance the quality and the unique flavor of the Hass avocado. Given that many of the consumers are women concerned about taking care of your figure, we created a modern design that reflects the purity and color of the product, we use recycled materials so you can have that closeness to nature.

What’s Unique?
Quimir is an avocado oil, which can turn on the option to accompany your meals and salads.
The name comes from the Quechua language QUMIR (Peruvian), meaning green, main feature to recognize the optimal state of avocado.

  1. Design review on the Tealicious packaging

    In the heart of Florence Italy, Tealicious is a small but extremely popular tea
    ship. The owner Marcela is a fanatic for tea and her passion lies with sharing
    her world of colours, fragrances and flavours. The tea that Tealicious sells
    ranges from black to green even to some flower infused and spiced. The
    remarkable aspect of the design is that they have found a way to incorporate all
    of these style of tea into one simple but effective packaging design.

    On first glance the design in simple terms looks good. The use of colours and the different
    varieties of flowers and plants ties in with Marcela’s view. From this view I think
    the target market that Marcela only viewed having was anyone that shares her
    passion and love for good tea but I believe with this newly design packaging it
    has opened to new markets. Looking at it in a customer’s sense it has a high
    end quality but also a sense of being organic. I use the term organic loosely because
    the product doesn’t necessarily need to be organic however it does possess the
    design style that manly other GMO free and organic tea brands such as T2 have.

    Analysing the design in design terms the overall look is quite simple and the most
    complexity in the design is in the flower/plant background. The typefaces use
    in the design are also quite simple also with the three being used a bold title
    font, a text font and a handwritten font. These three gives again that image of
    high end and quality.

    The colours used are natural, earthy and complimentary to the white negative space,
    the black typography and each other. This complimenting style allows the design
    to be harmonious throughout. The flowers/plants featured throughout the
    companies design again shows us harmonious design as well as the angles in
    which they are placed on leans in towards the Tealicious name essentially
    creating the name the focal point of the design.

    The design itself is successful with attracting attention as well as having the
    ability to be transferred onto anything the company desires. The designers
    placed the design and typography onto several items such as cups, mugs,
    business cards and bags and the result linked to Gestalts theory of things
    being simular to be grouped. That is exactly what I did, even though the items
    had slightly different changes to match the shapes you grouped them all to be a
    part of the Tealicious Company.

    In conclusion Tealicious has an amazing new look which defiantly succeeds at being
    a working design. The colours, simplicity and the way it is able to be used on
    many different products allows customers to look at the designed packaging and
    see a quality product. That’s what a good design is aiming to do make the
    customers believe it is a quality product and after analysing this entire
    design I believe it has successful done that.

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