WFC Loyalty Gift Packaging 2015

Derrick Lin


Agency: Wildfire Collaborative
Creative Chief: Anthony Chew
Lead Designer: Vu Khanh
Bottle Illustrations: Vu Khanh
Support Designer: Do Quyen
Production Support: Do Quyen
Digital Imaging: Ta Vy
Brand Executive: Nhu Quynh
Photographer: Wing Chan
Location (city/country): Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Project Type: Self Promotion

As a special token of appreciation to our beloved clients, we decided to create a Special Edition Gift – Fine bottle of Coconut Rum specially designed with intent to showcase our clients on the bottle itself. Our theme called “Make It Wonderful”, was both a message of thanks to them for continuously pushing us to do great work as well as our call to them to continue allowing us to make their products wonderful.

We decided to keep the design extremely minimal so that the focus were clearly on our clients and the message. A white based bottle was chosen as the only representation of Coconut Rum – which also made a good base for the illustrations to sit on. A line-art illustrative style was chosen to best highlight the unique features of our client’s faces. A hand-drawn free-flowing typography makes good contrast against a minimalist base. Each box is hand-made by thick stock paper with wood texture printing on the outside and our very own Wildfire Collaborative monogram on the inside. Each box is also carefully adorned with decorative detailing to enhance the sense of prestige surrounding the bottle. To seal it all together, is a singular silver stamp of our brand – Wildfire Collaborative.

What’s Unique:
• Hand-made box and decor detailing
• Minimalist design approach
• Hand-drawn illustrations