Zlaté Zrnko (Golden Bean)

Michal Slovák

Designer: Michal Slovák
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Zlaté Zrnko
Location: Slovakia
Packaging Material: Ecological paper

Zlaté Zrnko is premium arabica coffee roasted in Slovakia and it means Golden Bean. Goal was to create clean and trendy packaging design, but different than classic coffee packages. Easy to identify. No cliché images of coffee, but simple typography was used to diversify 4 packages and custom icons on back side of package are helping to describe blends and origin. Logo of Golden Bean is printed with golden colour on each package and bags are from ecological paper. Textures on business cards, which are part of new branding, combines zebra stripes with coffee stripes for African blends and leopard stains with coffee stains for South American blends. Whole package is created not only to taste good, but to look tasty as well.