Cosmetic Line My Dear Skin (Concept)

Derrick Lin


Agency: Creative Agency K2D
Project Type: Concept
Location: Moscow, Russia
Packaging Content: Cosmetics
Packaging Material: Plastic

And no daisies

Why do manufacturers spend so much money for the design of the package? Because the design serves their marketing goals. That’s what our client’s marketeers told us before starting to work on this cosmetic series:

Target audience: Women from 17 to 60 years old who take thorough care about themselves, and who believe that they should takes as much care for their body skin as to the skin of their face.

The unique selling proposition for these series: These are tools for everyday use. Nice soft textures, effective formulation, neutral flavours. Affordable price.

The products of this line are “reticent” – they do not present the label name or exotic ingredients blockbuster, they don’t have unusual colours or odours. The full attention of this line – as its name implies – is concentrated on the skin and solving its problems. That is how our design works: it is not trying to attract attention to itself, it is directed to solve the consumer’s issues. No excessive decorations, just lightness, clarity and careful logic: in products for hands we draw hands, for feet – feet, for body care – a body. Basic products are decorated with only one color. The other complementary color is used locally – exclusively to mark the main purpose (“protective”, “nourishing”). One color, one font, one width of the lines and in the logo and graphics: minimised and simplyfied design. Kind and clever simplicity. And no bouquets of daisies and calendula!