Secrets d’Energie – Marmelades

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Derrick Lin


Designed by Vitafrais – in-house design team
Creative Direction : Cédric Mayence
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Secrets d’Energie
Location: Reims, France
Packaging Content: Marmelade
Packaging Materials: Glass jar, PP label

Secrets d’Energie is a private label of organic dry fruits and marmelades. We’re searching the world for the best fruits and the best know-how to transform them.

those marmelades are made with the best sicilian organic fruits, which give them that very special sweet taste.

What’s Unique?
On each of our marmelade jar, there’s a big claim that says : “Enjoy some marmelade” (Dégustez de la marmelade), a clear and bold call to seize the day and enjoy the taste each of our very sweet and sour organic marmelade.
We’ve put a nice picture of the fruits, grown under the generous sun of Sicilia, and that give back all the love they’ve been given in those jars.