Agency: Annie Selby Brand Design
Creative Director, designer: Annie Selby
Printer: SHELER Print, Israel
Photography: Motti Fishbain
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Soreq Winery
Location: Kibutz Nahshon, Israel
Packaging Content: Wine
Packaging Materials: Glass, Paper, Aluminium

Soreq Winery is a boutique operation of 35,000 bottles a year was started by the Shaham family back in 1994. Today, Soreq Winery also operates as Israel’s leading wine making program. The school has the clear advantage of operating within an active winery, allowing the students to gain real world experience in the craft, right from the beginning.

The information on the labels had to be effective and include everything about the varietal in addition the type of winemaking style, vintages, varietals. The label had to be simplistic in it’s design and maintain a serious look and feel. The wine will sell in the off-trade only, and not be available in wine stores.

What’s Unique?
What’s unique about this design, is that the label had to look simplistic and elegant and with the huge amount of text that had to appear on the label, this was clearly a challenge. The wine label design had to incorporate the message of a school, or learning institution whilst looking elegant and expensive. As a result, we designed a wrap around label to facilitate information and yet maintain a classic and elegant result. We used a large area of bronze embossing on the logo to represent the natural art of winemaking and the soil of the vines.

The other challenge was that all the labels had to look the same, with a slight element of differentiation between the ageing and the non-ageing wines. We created that difference by adding a delicate blind embossing stamp on the ageing wines only. This worked well, without distracting from the main design.