G-Hold Megastick and Micro Suction

Derrick Lin


Agency: Shaw Marketing and Design
Designer: Adam Gourlay
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: G-Hold
CEO and inventor of the G-Hold: Alison Grieve
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

G-Hold is a multi-purpose handhold that can be used on any type of tablet or reader for a comfortable hold.

Edinburgh-based Shaw Marketing and Design were engaged by CEO and inventor Alison Grieve to develop packaging for the ScotEdge award-winning device. The innovative product and its packaging has won recognition in the national press and was recently featured in New Design magazine. The modern and sleek one-piece package that folds into itself includes instructions for using the device, demonstrating a hand going into the G-Hold on the back. The package was created with economy and the environment in mind, with no plastics or additional fixings.

More importantly, it has been very well received by the marketplace, with endorsements coming thick and fast and new outlets being won on the retail front. “It was important to capture the style and tone of the product and present what is a truly innovative piece of kit in an appropriately attractive way,” said Shaw designer Adam Gourlay. “This is a product that is essentially simple, elegant and effective and we wanted all of these qualities to come through in the packaging.

“We worked from a very open brief and created the packaging format as well as the design concept. There’s a quality message here, of course, but the design treatment developed in the packaging also has, we believe, some intrigue and fun going on, which is true to the product itself.”