Agency: Pavement
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Brack Mountain Wine Company
Location: Sebastopol, CA/USA
Packaging Content: Wine
Packaging Materials: Glass & Paper

Increasingly, wineries are trying to target the much sought-after “Millennial” customer. Millennials are storming the wine market and want adventure, demand more transparency and seek authenticity from winemakers. Historically, wine has been marketed to older generations and has come with certain pompousness. As Millennials are changing the game, they don’t care as much about the pretentiousness of wine as a category and want something that speaks to them, individually.

“Once Wine” obtains its name because each bottle is created in a single bottling process, with the grapes coming from a single vineyard and vintage. A limited edition of the bottles was made available – as such, Pavement decided to have each one individually numbered in the manner of fine art prints. This translates into a label design the ditches the design conventions, and replaces it with something that is catchy, appealing to the aesthetics of the younger demographic.

The approach was to evoke the artistry and delicate, natural elements needed to celebrate this jewel of a product.