1713 Brewing Co.

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Derrick Lin


Art Direction, Illustration and Graphic Design: Milos Milovanovic
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: 1713 Pivovarna
Location: Slovenia
Packaging Contents: Beer
Packaging Materials: Paper, Carton

Milos Milovanovic was commissioned to design a logo and packaging design for Slovenian Micro-Brewery called 1713 Pivovarna. 1713 represents the year of the Tolmin peasant revolt, which was a significant historical event for the Soča Valley.

Target audience is younger population, 18-35 years old. Second goal was to make illustrations that are appealing for this target audience and to dominate through the whole packaging. Every character on the label has it’s own story. Logo is clean and easy readable.

The character illustrations were drawn in Adobe Photoshop with Wacom intuos 5 and later vectorized in Adobe Illustrator CS6. All materials were represented/edited in Adobe Photoshop CS6.

India Pale Ale – The Bloody Executioner: After the uprising was crushed with the help of the imperial troops the leaders of the uprising were arrested and imprisoned. In April 1714, 11 leaders of the uprising were beheaded and dismembered in the main square of Gorizia.

Imperial Stout – The Greedy Emperor: Tolmin peasant uprising was, unlike the previous peasant uprisings, directed towards the government and the emperor because of the greediness of the emperor who introduced new taxes on wine and meat, and because of the violent manner in which they were collected.

Pale Ale -The Cheating Tax Collector: Jakob Bandel became a tax collector a few years prior to the uprising. He was cruel and strict at his work, and he collected more than what was requested by the government. That’s how he became very rich at the expense of the farmers.

Dark Lager – Rebellious Peasant: Peasants in the Tolminska region were always known to be rebellious, and in 1713 they revolted again due to the increased tax burdens that followed a number of natural calmities in the region. The uprising spread to other regions as well but was crushed after a few months and then followed by a bloody and a harsh revenge.

What’s Unique?
My task was to represent each character for their beers or an event connected with the uprising, including: The Bloody Executioner, Cheating Tax Collector, Rebellious Peasant and Greedy Emperor.

Each character has their own unique symbol. These symbols are used on packaging, bottle caps and shipping boxes (labels).