Boston (Student Project)

Derrick Lin


Designers: Hilda Fridman, Fredrik Back, Camilla Wallentin, Bettina Leckborn
Project Type: Student Project
School: Broby Grafiska
Course: Graduation project
Tutor: Sara Larsson, Mats Olsson
Location: Sunne, Sweden
Packaging Contents: Shoe care products
Packaging Materials: 100 % recycled cardboard, Boxboard, Labels

We created a new design for the Swedish shoe care company Boston with the ambition to simplify, unify and strengthen the brand. We saw big trends in people living a more eco-friendly lifestyle, but despite the fact that proper shoe care can make a pair of leather shoes last up to 10 years, most shoe care brands feel dated and doesn’t appeal to a modern audience. We came to the conclusion that a brand that adapted to current trends and spoke to today’s customers would be entirely unique on the market.

Simplicity was very important to us. The new concept is based around numbers in order to quickly communicate the products function. 1 means the product cleans, 2 means it cares and nourishes and 3 means it protects. This also communicates that shoe care is a three-step process and also functions to show which order the products should be used.

For the new concept we created an entirely new graphic identity, packaging for two different segments (a black one with products specifically for leather shoes, and a white for other materials), an exclusive gift kit, a website, stationery and developed an idea for a concept store where customers can walk in and have their shoes taken care of by experts.

What’s Unique?
What sets the new design apart is a modern approach to an old product. The new design creates a feeling that stretches further than just the thought of clean shoes. We want Boston’s customers to feel privileged, like they’re sitting on a goldmine full of information and that they, and only they, now know the secrets of keeping their shoes in perfect condition. Taking care of your shoes shouldn’t just be something you have to do; it’s something you should want to do.