Boukein (Concept)

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Derrick Lin


Agency: OD design studio
Project Type: Concept
Location: Damascus, Syria
Packaging Contents: Water Bottle
Packaging Materials: Plastic

Boukein water springs has been over 80 years Syria’s finest water bottle to be served at all locations and events. Whether a tourism tour, or a hotel, or restaurants and even in the streets, Boukein was the main brand to go to.

The goal of this re-branding strategy is to merge cultures into one with a change of a younger audience. Since Boukein was and still is the main water bottle offered anywhere and everywhere, Boukein had left a footprint in many people’s lives.

Merging the two letters “B” and (ب) into one shape would give a new perspective to the products meaning. It’s for everyone, for anyone who steps foot in Syria. The colors have been chosen according to Syria’s demographic, color science and unfortunately, it’s current situation. The orange color would appeal to a younger audience (reminder that Syria’s population is very young), and would give a sense of hope, of a new life, just like water do.

Boukein bottles would have a rectangular shape, giving it more grace and elegance. The bottom of the bottle is crystal-like, interpreting the very beginning of the water spring, a bright and beautiful source of life.

What’s Unique?
The shape of water bottles are more often to be very organic, with many curves and seams. This design has a more bold statement with its rectangular shape, and the crystallized bottom part of the bottle.