Quatre Mains

Kronekalseide, Maldegem, België

Agency: Quatre Mains
Creative Direction: Jürgen Hûughe
Design: Vicky Acke
Illustration: Jürgen Hûughe
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Damse Kaasmakerij
Location: Maldegem, Belgium
Packaging Contents: Dairy product, cheese
Packaging Materials: Paper

Fleur du Nord – Range of 3 authentic and artisan cheeses, each with different origin.

Quatre Mains was asked to create the packaging for Fleur du Nord, a new small range of 3 artisanal crafted cheese products, made by a local cheese producer. Thanks to an ambition to do something completely different we looked to step away from the usual category standards through this brilliant but oh so simple idea. Taking the origin of all 3 products as a starting point, the package showcases the cow, the sheep and the goat dropped in to a meadow of flowers. The spontaneous hand-drawing illustrations, full of playful charming details, the eye-catching colour use and the mat wrapping paper result in a simple, honest and happy design.