Pullman Sabor de Padaria – Bakery Flavor

Derrick Lin


Agency: A10
Creation: Margot Takeda, Rodrigo Brandão, Bruno Marco Didário
Final Art: Leonardo Boulos
Client Service: Thais Celentano
Approval (Bimbo Group): Bruna Tedesco, Menoti Cavalante, Camila Alves
Client: Bimbo Group
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Project Type: Commercial Work
Packaging Contents: bread
Packaging Materials: Plastic with varnish applied, simulating the kraft paper.

A10 brings back that homey feeling and strengthens emotional ties with the visual concept created for Pullman Sabor de Padaria (Bakery Flavor)

The packaging brings consumers and the artisanal feel of the products together while emphasizing their freshness and flavor.

São Paulo, June, 2015 – Evoking childhood flavors, bringing memories back to life, awakening emotional connections, and providing opportunities for new eating experiences, those were the main ingredients used by A10 -, which specializes in capturing the essence of companies and products to develop brand strategy and design -, to create the packaging for the Pullman Sabor de Padaria line, commercialized in São Paulo.

“With the increasingly fast pace of modern life, consumers are looking for essence and values. They no longer wish simply to purchase a product or to fill in their daily lives with meaningless actions. That is why we think it is important to show that the Pullman brand offers consumers not only pleasure, but also special care. The Sabor de Padaria (Bakery Flavor) line speaks to consumers and was designed to point out the product’s special smell and to emphasize that they are one of a kind in the market,” said Margot Doi Takeda, Co-Founder – Creation Director.

“When we created the project, we were sure that A10 was the right choice to carry it out. In addition to being a very creative agency, it made an effort to understand this new field we were entering in with the Sabor de Padaria line. We wished consumers would see the products with affection, and that they evoked family moments, tasty homemade bread, and also that while buying the bread, consumers would relive the experience they used to have in their neighborhood bakeries. It was a four-hand job and A10 gave us support throughout the entire process,” highlighted Menoti Cavalante, Grupo Bimbo Brasil Product Manager.

Focus on the artisanal process – Several elements used on the packaging bring to mind artisanal products. The font used to write the word “Padaria” (Bakery), for example, recaptures old handwritten signs, commonly found in small suburban grocery stores.

The Kraft texture was used because in the past bread was usually wrapped on it, as if it was some sort of present. Another point to highlight is the use of matte varnishing, which adds some texture to the paper.

The corn, honey, flour, sugar, milk, and eggs we see on the packaging emphasizes that the product is fresh and tasty and prepared with love and care. Finally, warm colors (yellow, Orange, red, brown, and blue) add a rustic feel to A10 creations.