Suki – Adventures Juice (Student Project)

Derrick Lin


Designer: Paloma Martins
Project Type: Student Project
Location: Brazil
Packaging Contents: Orange Juice, Strawberry Juice, Grape Juice
Packaging Materials: Plastic, Kraft Paper

Suki is a packing design project that explores a playful language to talk to his public, that brings fun as it’s main concept.

The project’s idea came from a briefing for a contest sponsored by a design studio, where a brand and a juice packing for a children’s public should be created using a fun and cute language. I thought of some ways of tell a story to children without being too obvious but without giving up the idea of fun. That was how I got to the concept of Adventure Juice, after all there is no child who doesn’t get excited at the thought of a good adventure to discover new and interesting things.

I started developing a special shape for the bottle, making it with a nice size to children’s hands and an amount of juice that satisfies your thirst without wasting a lot of drink. These small dimensions helped make the packing even more cute. Having solved the most functional issues, I began to explore the visual elements of the label, using a fun and chubby logotype with color variations in each letter. On the other hand, the illustration brings a friendly sailor, built from simple and smooth geometric shapes. Within an imaginative scenario, the sailor tames colored seas made of juice to discover the delights of the world. I also tried to somehow integrate functional product information with the illustration to make the experience even more fun.

Having set the creative concept, I open the line to the flavors such as strawberry, orange and grape, and create a structure made of kraft paper for the juice pack.

The use of 3D prototyping has helped to give a final touch to the project, showing the packages running on a scenario closer to our reality.

Despite being a project that does not commercially exists it would be a dream to see the Suki on the shelves of super markets.

What’s Unique?
Special shape for the bottle, thought to make it comfortable to children’s hands. The imaginative language that invites the children to make part of this experience.