TOMO – On The Crest Of The Wave

Derrick Lin


Agency: DDVB
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Moscow, Russia
Packaging Contents: Natural soft drink

The “Ochakovo” company is one of the leaders in the natural soft drinks segment. It had developed the new refreshing drink named «TOMO», that had no analogues in Russia. Technologist managed to achieve a synergy – strengthening of healthy properties of cereals and citrus fruits.

Unusual for a category brand is standing out with its 100% natural ingredients – specially combined extracts of 4 kinds of cereals – rye, wheat, barley and oats and 3 types of malt. Because of presence of natural «Chinotto» orange juice in the formula, you can feel a piquant bitterness and a refreshing sour-sweet aftertaste. «TOMO» drink perfectly invigorates, energizes and gives positive emotions.

To develop a bright and modern design for the new brand, that will suit the character of the target audience and highlight the product in a competitive visual environment.

«TOMO» in Japanese means “friend”, “fellow”. It is a true “companion” for the creative and self-confident young people. It emphasizes the freedom of expression the individuality, constantly challenging the prosiness and searching of new and original ideas and tastes.

And «TOMO» is ready to accept this challenge.

As a key element of the «TOMO» visual image the powerful ocean wave was chosen. This decision can help visually depict the refreshing properties of the drink, as well as to emphasize its energetic character. The main focus in color scheme of the brand was on the non-standard black and white chord. Combined with the overall “Japanese” minimalism, packaging design got a modern “fresh” and ” courageous” image. The new non-alcoholic «TOMO» drink will hit retailers in all major cities of Russia soon.