Grafiket Adworks

Agency: Grafiket Adworks
Creative Director: Berk Pişirici
Art Director: Berk Pişirici
Copywriter: Melih Aydoğmuş
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Cafekeyf
Location: Izmir, Turkey
Packaging Contents: Coffee

Cafekeyf started to process coffee in a small workshop. Their small workshop surrounded with nice smell of coffee. They are fascinated by its magic. As far as they knew it well, they explored many different aspects and produced with great excitement. In this way, they widened their product range. Eventually, they opened their factory in 1994 which their passion for coffee deserves.

Coffee is the name of high spirits. The pleasure starts with the dreamy smell that fills in the room. We are surrounded much more with every sip. It spirits us up, removes the somnolency in the mornings. When we are tired of working, we give ourselves to coffee’s taste and smell. Coffee relaxes us, it accompanies us in a sweet conversation with a friend. Cafekeyf is the name of the coffee which is soft and familiar.