plan b branding & strategy

Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

Agency: Plan b creative team
Creative director: Max Gat-mor
Art director: Maya Agassi
Illustrator: Aline Giz
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Break coffee chain
Location: Israel
Packaging Contents: Fresh coffee, take out food
Packaging Materials: Paper, cardboard

Coffee cups and take out boxes for break coffee chain.

As part of a re-branding process we did for the the coffee chain Break (Attnachta in Hebrew) we’ve created Easy, the selfie sloth.

Easy is the brand’s main character and you can find him peeping everywhere around the shops – on the take out boxes, posters, walls, windows, coffee cups and even under the tables. Easy especially like to dress up like famous people a few examples are: David Bowie, Elvis, Gene Simmons from kiss and even Salvador Dali.

During the campaign we’ve created a real size figure of Easy the sloth, so people could take a selfie with him.