7 Gorgeous Champagne Packaging You Shouldn’t Miss

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Derrick Lin


Champagne is often promoted as a royal and aristocratic drink. These sumptuous bottles that you see before you are true work of art, there’s always a reason to celebrate with these 7 amazingly designed champagne packaging.

Colier designed by Reynolds and Reyner

«Colier» is limited collection of sparkling wine: 23 bottles of luxury sets (bottle + presentation box) and 5 premium (handmade bottle + cocoon container). The target audience was business women and we all know that champagne is female drink. After brainstorming we choose collar as name, because it describes the idea of collection very good and also can be played in designs. For Brut we used classic square box form and for Vintage Brut we created the cocoon. All the weight of cocoon is focused in his bottom part that’s why it don’t turn upside down and it also keeps cold inside before opening.

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Quartz Champagne designed by Max Molitor & Cajza Nyden

Quartz communicates a pared down and simple expression. This champagne is nice to bring to a dinner party, on a picnic or just to a nice Friday night with friends. The concept is based on the desire to have knowledge and interest in crafts. Champagne should be stored lying down, we took advantage of that and created a package that doesn’t let the bottle to stand up. This makes it stand out from the crowd and have a strong shelf impact.

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Champagne DECIBEL | Ibiza designed by Grantipo. Branding & Packaging

DECIBEL is a brand new Champagne designed in IBIZA, with electronic music and technology in its core. A modern brand in a traditional market. A bold and smart move in this category, honoring its leitmotiv “Fortune Favors the Braves”. A rounded label to reflect music CD’s and vinyls, with a text that spins around as if it were their tracks playing on it. A concentric ring with interconnected lines to symbolize the nature of this distributed Champagne inspired by new technologies.

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Lazur Champagne designed by Reynolds and Reyner

Lazur sparkling wine is made mingling selected wine materials produced in Italy. The brand’s name traces its Italian roots being associated with the Cote d’Azur (the Russian for «Azur» is «Lazurnyi»), relaxation and holidays, the Riviera, coasts and beaches, and the sea of course. The very idea is also used in its packaging where the label resembles a sea navigation compass creating the adventurous and pleasant atmosphere.

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MILLESIME Champagne designed by Jerome Olivet

The Millesime new brand offers a unique range of flavor. Only the best grapes of the most remarkable years are selected. These can be enjoyed in these exclusive models bottle with futuristic design. Each bottle has its own character. The glass is as carved and shows the richness of champagne. It is a pleasure of every moment. We discover at the first glance this spin, this slender shape. Then caress this glass dress shimmers in the light. Champagne takes its strength from these racy bottle and transforms the party into a unique experience.

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Lussory Gold 24K champagne designed by Javier Alés

Packaging Design for Non Alcoholic champagne with 24K gold flakes.

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MAZE Champagne designed by MAISON D’IDEE

Branding and packaging design with advertising concept targeting young rich audiences. lden glass. How else do you sell good Vodka?

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