Bettys Coffee Caddy & House Blends

Derrick Lin


Designed by Bettys In-house Design
Company: Bettys Café Tea Rooms
Designer: Alex Meek
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Harrogate, England
Packaging Contents: Coffee
Packaging Materials: Tin Plate & foil

The Bettys in-house Design team were challenged to create new coffee packaging and a caddy to convey Bettys’ heritage and traditional brand identity. Bettys was founded in 1919 so the designers often open up the archive when seeking inspiration for packaging.

The coffee caddy is based on original antique coffee bins which are displayed in Bettys’ famous Café Tea Rooms. They invited sign writer Rob Oldfield to collaborate on the project as he has worked on a number of projects with them over the years and is familiar with the brand aesthetic. He was briefed to illustrate key elements of the caddy to create a stylish but slightly aged look and feel.

The bespoke caddy tin is made to Bettys’ own specification so that it perfectly houses their blended coffee packs and keeps the coffee fresh once opened. Bettys’ designer Alex Meek incorporated a hinged lid and subtle embossing on all four sides, enhancing the heritage character of the caddy.

The coffee packs, which include Café Blend, Rich Italian, Decaffé and a Special Christmas Blend, carry over design details from the caddy such as the numbers relating to strength, gold foiling and the curved corners on the label.