Maison D’esthetique (Student Project)

Derrick Lin


Designer: Giang Ong
Project Type: Student Project
School: RMIT University
Course: Digital Media
Tutor: Giang Nguyen
Location: Saigon, Vietnam
Packaging Contents: Spa, Lotion, Skincare,
Packaging Materials: Paper, Glass

Masison D’esthétique is a spa company which is not only provide service but also provide high quality products. Masison D’esthétique has 7th years in business, which is a testament to their talented and caring team of professionals. Therefore, the high class and middle class are the main target customers that Masison D’esthétique wants to focus.

What’s Unique?
The logo is based on the Koi’s shape which is the famous fish in Japan. Koi is the fish which is extremely hard to take care, the farmer must take at least 6 years to make Koi that is looked beautiful. Moreover, Koi is represented the beauty and health in Japan. Koi like to live in warm water that is the same with spa, because the beauty of the human is came from water, vitamin, and natural. Koi fish is not only suitable with women but also with men because in the Japan’s culture, Koi is represented for the warrior as same as Samurai, because in the Japan’s culture said that when somebody put Koi on the chopping-block and with the knife, Koi does not struggle. Which image will lead to the image of the warrior is arrested by the enemy. Furthermore, the Koi shape is based on the golden ratio that will help logo looked luxury and high-class.