Messenicola Red Dry Wine

Derrick Lin


Agency: The BrandHouse
Brand Strategist: Katerina Tsenebis
Creative Director: Nikos Vlahoyiannis
Graphic & Package Designer: Andrew Boukas
Bottle Production: Style Ltd.
Gift Pack Production: Kefallonitis S.A.
Photography: Ampoo
Brochure Printing: Davias Graphic Arts
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Domaine Monsieur Nicolas by G. Karamitros
Location: Athens, Greece
Packaging Contents: Red Dry Wine
Packaging Materials: PET material (gift box), Plexiglass (coasters), Crystalline (blind test glass)

The rebranding of “Messenicola” by Domaine Monsieur Nicolas by G. Karamitros, a unique PDO red wine that has received numerous awards in Greek and international Quality Competitions and that was recently declared “The Ambassador Wine of Greece for the World for 2015” by EDOAO (National Interprofessional Organization for Wine and Vine).

Aim: To highlight the quality and uniqueness of the local variety of Black Messenicola and to gain competitive markets share in the Greek and international wine trade.

The ancient heritage of the unique local variety “Black Messenicola” and the legend of Monsieur Nicolas, the French noble knight who arrived in the area in 1455, appreciated and developed the local variety and in turn, the local community and variety were named after him. These elements were also the core inspiration for Domaine Monsieur Nicolas’ corporate identity.

The codes we used to build Messenicola’s new image and run throughout its communication (packaging, print and digital presence, promotion) are: the minimal logotype, the geometrical approach in the original design of the bottle, the rhombus design, the medieval wine glass, the ritualistic use of the black and red colors and the luxurious aesthetics.

What’s Unique?
The square shape of the bottle, which is quite rare for wine bottles and the relief motifs on the bottle.