Derrick Lin


Design Agency: The Brandbean
Art Direction Santiago Spigariol
Designer: San Spiga & Hilary Strong
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Portlebay (Devon-UK)
Location: Argentina – UK (Devon)
Packaging Contents: Handmade Popcorn
Packaging Materials: Plastic

We designed the entire new brand: premium and fun, tasty but at the same time healthy and natural. We all have our Portlebay inside: a happy sunny day, to spend laughing with friends. We bring fun and energy to the category of popcorn.

Portlebay was the winner of several new brands awards during 2013/2014.

Portlebay was born in Devon, UK. As a graphic reference we took the classic beach boxes, painted in bright pure colors. The sailor´s clothes, codes of flags boats and lifeguards also influenced us: horizontal lines, geometric guards and classical typesetting.

Each flavor category is identified by a particular color; they can be easily identified at the time of choosing.

The seabirds inspired the brand and Bob the seagull is our main character. He is well known for stealing popcorn in the sand!

We seek to convey freshness, youth and joy, but always communicating a gourmet and high quality product; which stands out for the discovery of new flavors both savory and sweet.

Portlebay, Smile & Pop It! ☺