Designer: Clem Dulce Cruz
Brand Manager: João Ferro
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: WIN Skincare
Location: Porto, Portugal
Packaging Contents: Cosmetics
Packaging Materials: Paper and plastic

This projects goes for both subtle and strong design cues.

WIN laboratories are fully dedicated to creating empowerment formulas with remarkable energetic components for the women of today. The goal is to surpass present demands by enabling Confidence, Comfort, Bloom, Pure Rest, Eternity, or any other power required, for women to feel good in their own skin.

WIN is an highly minimal brand, and the ultra-pure package’s language reduces its essence into the purest, simplest abstract form: the blurred vertical line, that symbolizes the gesture of the finger applying cream on the skin, is the only ornament on the packaging.

This makes the collection stand out on the shelves: a big amount of white isolates it from the other products and the vertical neon colors directs the eye.

It’s a 17 products collection, in 5 product lines: 4 different bottles and all vertical cardboard boxes. Each package speaks with a clear voice: the main type, WIN 200ml of CONFIDENCE (for instance) merges the logo, and all the design is functional. Dynamic typography reinforces the product-to-consumer winning discourse about the power of pure things.

What’s Unique?
The blurred vertical line that stands out on the shelves and the colors: printed in uncoated and iridescent papers, 2 direct colors each, the challenge was to use neon colors and hot stamping foil in both cardboard and plastic.