Studio Sonda

Vižinada, Croatia

Design Agency: Studio Sonda
Creative Director: Sean Poropat
Creative Director: Jelena Fiskus
Designer: Andrej Glavicic
Illustrator: Eugen Slavik
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Holcim (Hrvatska)
Location: Croatia
Packaging Contents: Agrocal Powder
Packaging Materials: Paper and Wood

Agrocal powder is a natural and eco friendly source of Ca and Mg that increases soil fertility. It is produced by Lafarge Holcim, a company focused mainly on the B2B business, now wanting to increase its visibility and reach the end users as well. Agrocal was primarily used for crops, packed in bags of 1.2 t and 25 kg, but in order to reach urban gardeners it is now designed as a small packaging of 4 kg.

The solution aims to pack the product in ecological, easily degradable paper, that uses only one color in print. It is set in a wooden box that is not supposed to be disposed off, but repurposed and reused by gardeners. Different motivational sayings are carved on the box in order to encourage gardeners to a kind of collecting. The principle of functionality within the retail space was the key point: the packaging is designed so that the boxes can be stacked one upon another, becoming an independent entity without having to struggle for a place on the shelves in the usually crowded agriculture supply stores. Another very important functional element for the customer is the possibility to have an easy transport by means of a handle on the box.