Creative Agency: Studio Schoch
Creative Director: Dominik Schoch
Design: David Moore, Julian Huber
Concept & project Management: Tina Fuchs
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Packaging content: Iced Tea
Location: Switzerland

Cascara Ice Tea – The Exceptionally Refreshing Drink Made From Coffee Cherries And A Selection Of Extracts

Studio Schoch creates the new Cascara Ice Tea. Cascara is the pulp of the coffee cherry. The name cascara is derived from Spanish and means skin or peel. The pulp is first dried and then infused to create an aromatic tea. The amber-coloured infusion boasts unexpected notes of fresh orange, and its soft sweetness and particularly full-bodied flavour are reminiscent of mild honey.
The design differs with fresh colors in combination with the black background. The illustrated ingredients underline the uniqueness of this product. The radiating lion in the middle of the bottle stands for energy and vitality.