The All Nighter Relief Kit

Derrick Lin


Designer: Sarah Dahsohl Im
Project Type: Student Project
School: Rhode Island School of Design
Course: Packaging Independent Study
Tutor: Jan Fairbairn
Location: Providence, RI, USA
Packaging Contents: Coffee, Tea, and Chocolate
Packaging Materials: Paper, Plastic, Glass (bottles)

It’s late. It’s closer to dawn than it is to dusk. The bags under your eyes seem to have decided to make themselves at home. And after all of this time, the project in front of you still isn’t finished.

We’ve all been there before. The Night Owl Relief Kit tries to help alleviate that pain by packaging various sugar and caffeine loaded treats into one set, creating an easy and fun experience for the sleep-deprived user. It presents a set of cookies, tea, and coffee, packaged in either a Half Nighter (mild) or All Nighter (extreme) container. Both sets contain different versions of the same products (for example, mocha coffee in the Half Nighter set and doppio expresso in the All Nighter set). It uses a cool blue color scheme and different versions of the illustrated Night Owl mascot as branding.

What’s Unique?
This project was conceived out of a desire to create packaging for something that was new and different, but not excessive and wasteful. After many frustrating late nights, I noticed how difficult it was to fulfill a late night snack craving when shops had long since closed. From this, the idea to create a grab-and-go sleep relief set was born.

While tea, coffee, and cookies have each individually been packaged a countless number of times, the idea behind the All Nighter Set is to bring them together. By doing so, the kit provides an experience for the user that doesn’t exist through individual purchases. The goal of the set is to be empathetic and encouraging, and different elements of the set cheer the user on as they stay up for the night. For example, the tea bag design packages a mini version of the night owl lying in bed. When the user takes off the covers to access the tea bag, a fun encouraging note (Wake up, sleepy head! You can do this) appears.

The set was packaged in an illustrated cylindrical case. The description of the set is not printed on the case but is rather attached as an easily removable sticker, allowing the user to reuse and repurpose it as they please.