Creative Agency: Cool Gear International
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: USA
Packaging Contents: Non Electric Brewer for COLD BREW Coffee
Packaging Materials, printing technique: Corrugated, Foil Stamping, SPOT varnish

Before the packaging approach could begin, we first needed to develop who this core consumer would be. Soon after the BRUISTA came to life!

The Bruista is the epitome of youth. They are in their 20s- 30s and enjoy spending downtime with close friends. They thrive in a creative community and an afternoon at the local coffee shop is most likely on their to-do list. For the Bruista, everything is personal. They look for easy alternatives to tedious tasks and have a strong loyalty to brands they love.

After noting the increasing trend in Cold Brew coffee, we tested the market by sharing our concept with 300 iced coffee drinkers and surveyed them on this category. The results were very reassuring.

• About 3 quarters of those surveyed have tried and/or regularly drink cold brewed coffee. (For those that do not drink cold brew coffee, it is largely due to lack of information.)

• 49% of year round cold brew drinkers drink it 2-3 times a week and 89% occasionally, sometimes or always make their own.

• Quality of coffee is important to 95% of the surveyed group, including the taste, value and health benefits. The most appealing attributes of the cold brew process are the smoothness and richness of taste.

Once we determined this consumer profiles needs, the sub brand of coolgear BRU™ went into development. We strived to create an upscale, luxurious perception of value through the use of high end finishing and materials.

We needed to have a durable structure to withstand shipping and everyday retail experiences. The design aesthetic needed to be geared to the brew at home “BRUISTA”, capture the look of non electric brewers, while still being disruptive in the marketplace to create a demand!

We hope to educate our consumers on the use of this product, as well as the benefits of a “cold brewed” iced coffee over traditional methods. The product itself has a variable drip rate mechanism that allows multiple brew times.

The cold brew process of steeping can take on average 24 hours to complete, and then must be diluted with water before drinking. Coolgear BRU is a cold brew drip method than can take anywhere from 1.5 hours (light) to 10 hours (bold) to brew. With the option to brew to your own taste, the question must be asked, What kind of BRU are you?™

Simply, FILL, TWIST & DRIP your way to better tasting iced coffee, with coolgear BRU. A single serve brewing system for smooth & rich Iced Coffee. Produced by a cold brew drip method, resulting in a iced coffee that is smoother and less acidic.

What’s Unique?
We utilized copper foil stamping to increase the perception of value and the luxurious feel.

The inner support structure is made up a matte finished corrugate with an elegant spot varnish pattern of droplets and coffee beans.

We wanted the unboxing of the item to be an exceptional experience, just like tasting your first sip of Cold BRU iced coffee.