Creative Agency: creativebydefinition
Project Type: Concept
Location: Romania

The challenge for this project was to capture and reflect the delicate & pure nature of a new born baby.

My vision was to create a product that evokes the playful spirit of the water drops that forms after every splash, after every game and every laughter when the little one is “experimenting” his first baths. On the other hand, the simple, contemporary design of the packaging is using like inspiration an animal that knows to enjoy water in his own way, with his curvy, funny looking body – a hippopotamus.

The bottle is crafted to fuse the creation of a water drop with the wavy curves of the animal in question. The illustrations convey a clear message: the “magical” pleasure of life that we all experiment from the right beginning stays in the simple things – washing, bathing, playing with the bubbles.

I believe that the dialogue between the bottle and the illustrations brings more depth to the package and speaks easily to the customers. The color pallet used is reflecting the delicate, untouched world of a new born baby. All design elements are breaking the monotony and the packaging ends up communicating its chic, unique, fun & minimalistic essence.