Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: Fivethousand Fingers
Photographer: Cindy Boyce
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Collected Coffee
Location: New York City, USA / Montreal,Canada
Packaging Contents: Coffee
Packaging Materials: Matte white thermoplastic polymer bags with an aluminum foil lining

Collected Coffee is a new high-end subscription-based retailer located in New York City. Their bold curatorial approach eschews the conventional focus on consumer choice in favour of a guided exploration of a distinct bean and roast delivered fresh to subscribers’ doorsteps every month. Each package of coffee comes with a small booklet featuring the backstory of the coffee’s origins, roaster, and process, as well as a recommended brewing method with detailed instructions. A hand-signed “Thank you” card completes the ensemble.

We worked with Collected Coffee from their beginnings to create an intelligent, cultured, and curious brand designed to appeal to the increasingly sophisticated coffee enthusiast. We designed the packaging and printed material, managed production, and provided art direction and set design for the brand imagery, which was photographed by the talented Cindy Boyce. We then developed a website that serves as both a reference for aficionados and a window into the wider world of coffee culture.

In opting to pair a crisp and minimalist aesthetic with a serious dose of substance, we sought to give voice to the company’s passion for the product, and for the stories of the people around the world who produce and enjoy it.

What’s Unique?
In order to match the paper of the coffee bag labels to the fine vellum quality of the accompanying print material, the labels are printed in small runs by a local printer, rather than by the usual in-house label printer.