Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: YD Studio
Lead Designer, Creative Director: Oleg Agafonov
Illustrator, Photographer: Ekaterina Buzova
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Moyosa
Location: Netherlands, Amsterdam
Packaging Contents: Coffee syrup, Bottle
Packaging Materials: Paper

As a designers, we started with brainstorming initial ideas about the theme. We analyzed and compared research results and create a design plan for packaging design. We usually start with lots of scribbles and small sketches before we make elaborate and detailed drawings. This enables us to get our ideas down quickly on paper. We selected last small sketches which we used to develop our own design of the package. In the first concept, you will see association with expansion and growth. Here is original pattern and unique icons for different flavors. The strong typography and grid of the blocks calms the nervous system and invites the mind toward equanimity.