Myst – Ultra Premium Olive Oil

Maison Venkov

Bratislava, Slovakia

Founder, CEO: John Tsapanidis
Head of design: Ivan Venkov
Director of Marketing: Kalli Bakali
Director of Finance: Sakis Dalkalitsis
Export Manager: Michalis Dalkalitsis
Chief of Production: Giannis Bakalis
CGI / Rendering: Marco Serena
Branding: Harrys Kakoulidis
Website builder: Yiannis Konstantakopoulos
Project Type: Pre-production, available for preordering
Location: Sweden and Greece
Packaging Contents: Extra virgin olive oil
Packaging Materials: Glass bottle, paper label and plastic cap with cork.

Ultra premium premium Olive Oil with executed in a packaging with sculptural shaping and innovative aesthetics. MYST® is designed and established on the basis of selectiveness, quality and design, all at excellent value. Our products unite outstanding natural quality and extraordinary sculptural design. Our vision is to continuously seek for such products and deliver extra special qualities with regard to their taste, aromas and unique nutritional ingredients. We strive for creating one of the finest premium food brands in the world.

What’s Unique?
MYST® extra virgin olive oil contains aromas of herbs, citrus fruits and floral hints with remarkable length while being exceptionally balanced. Our extra virgin olive oil is produced by the method of first cold extraction at low temperatures under closely monitored hygienic conditions.

We stayed true to the words ‘extra virgin’ by steering away from using any chemical fertilizers or pesticides at any stage of the production.

“The bottle designed for MYST is a visual answer to the intricacy and delicate taste of a high quality olive oil. The contrasting sharp and round shapes that pierce forward are an analogy to the product itself.” – Ivan Venkov, Head of Design