Creative Agency: Backbone Branding
Art Direction: Stepan Azaryan
Design & Motion: Karen Gevorgyan
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Play City
Location: Yerevan, Armenia

Not having started the Play City branding from its fundamental start, but having a task to redesign it, we overcame a great challenge to do it, wherein not deviating its logo base.

Play City redesign includes a concentrations of several services, wherein, thematically, not linked but acting in accordance with each other in one concept.

There was a necessity of giving a new spirit, that would fully express the atmosphere of the entertainment world.

Each service was determined with a bright color spectrum exactly specific for it.

The services concentrated in the Play City redesign are carting, bowling, mini golf, game zone, paint ball, 7D cinema, fast food and others.

The point of reference for this was the visualization of these services in the isometric space.