Derrick Lin


Designer: Gonzalo Pacheco
Project Type: Student Project
School: Universidad ORT
Course: Proyecto Integrador
Tutor: Santiago Fagnoni
Location: Montevideo, Uruguay
Packaging Contents: Salads, crepes, brochettes, burgers, pizza, beer, sandwich
Packaging Materials: Plastic, paperboard, paper, foam plast, kraft

Final degree project in together with the company Sopranos. A full rebranding pointing at concepts associated with the American Italian culture. For the graphical were made illustrations of characters and elements taken from the HBO drama “The Sopranos” .

Since one of the objectives is to create a global brand consistency referred to their identity and way of addressing the public, it seeks to reflect through different graphic elements product quality and the values it represents the family and friendship from Italian culture.

It tries to persuade and convince consumers that Sopranos is not any place that is different and unique. It will work on the creation of an integral identity of the company where the quality of the pieces and coherence between them add value to meet the objectives.

What’s Unique?
It is encouraging the idea of being able to communicate and transform into packaging the rich values of Italian-American culture that is based already series in turn has to do with the concepts and values that own the place they want to transmit, emphasizing the tradition of sharing a meal with friends and family.