Creative Agency: Unblvbl
Art Director: Timur Saber
3D graphics: Alexey Avduevskiy
Lettering: Kirill Mikhailov
Illustration: Pavel Melnikov
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Vasily Radchenko
Location: Moscow, Russia
Packaging Contents: Hair Care
Packaging Materials: Aluminium, plastic, paper

Vasily Radchenko asked for help in the development of the visual identity for the “Barbos” brand about a month ago and we have come to this task with great responsibility.

“Barbos” – care products for a gentleman. Vasily himself knead all products exclusively from natural ingredients, selects men’s fragrances by mixing essential oils and add a secret ingredient.

For the basis of the style, we turned to the image of a man late XIX – early XX century, when the fashion for beards and mustaches were in their prime.

For illustration we should say a special thank you to Pavel Melnikov, tattoo-master. Thank you, Pavel! Our old friend Kirill Mikhailov is responsible for the lettering.