Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: NotoriusGrey
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Primitive Cyprus
Location: Cyprus
Packaging Contents: Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Packaging Materials: Glass, Wood

The recently awarded extra virgin olive oil by Primitive Cyprus, as one of the best olive oils in the world (international contest Flos Olei 2017), and its newly launched brand, are already challenging the conventional view of olive oil packaging design; by looking more like a medicinal product rather than a culinary one.

Derived from the arid and primitive landscapes of the island of Cyprus, its packaging’s minimalistic mood and enigmatic simplicity, master the attitude of a great Lady from another era; having no intention of flirting with the public, while keeping to her nature and delivering it from today’s hyperconsumerism.

Primitive Cyprus’ packaging is best quoted by the unblemished, instinctive comment by the owner of the “Olive Branch Deli” in Cape Town: “In a world of mislabeling (the producer’s doing) and uninformed consumption (the consumer’s doing), packaging such as this evokes engagement from both sides, creating a transparent and informative interaction.”

Inside this brilliant white, hand-painted, glass bottle, with matt silkscreen details, and hand-sewn fabric pouches, an olive oil of unique quality and characteristics is contained; addressing the very core of minimalism, by articulating: “design is nothing without intent”.

What’s Unique?
The entire brand identity design, including the packaging design, contrasts the general mindset and philosophy of products belonging to the same category. This treatment alone differentiates the product from its competition.