Barbos Men Care Products


Creative Agency: Unblvbl
Art Director: Timur Saberov
3D graphics: Alexey Avduevskiy
Illustration: Pavel Melnikov
Lettering: Cyril Mikhailov
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia
Packaging Contents: Care products for men

Barbos is a care products series for men. We worked out the visual design for the brand. The product creator Vasiliy controls all the steps of production process by himself: he uses only natural ingredients for the components, picks up male aromas by mixing essential oils and adding the secret ingredient. Seeking the basic idea for the design, we resort to the image of the men in XIX-beginning of XX centuries, when the moustache and beard fashion was flourishing. Moreover we combine 2 images: wild brutality of the dog, on the one hand, and the emphasized exquisite intelligent approach of the gentleman, on the other.

The illustrations for the project were entrusted to a tattoo-painter (that was a kind of experiment) and he coped with the task perfectly – it was carried out brutally, manly, but elegant at the same time.

Bright colors serve for differentiation and let avoid the gloom, vivifying the picture.

The inscription also follows the style of the packaging and signboards made in XIX-beginning XX century, so that it matches the dogs. On the whole, the packaging conveys Vasiliy’s approach to the business, his longing to the naturalness and following traditions.

Any modern gentleman will be glad and proud to have such a jar in order to put his swanky moustache in order.