Bisto, OXO & Paxo Limited Edition Tins

Robot Food

Marshalls Mill, Marshall St, Holbeck, Leeds LS11 9YJ, UK

Creative Agency: Robot Food
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Premier Foods
Location: Leeds, UK
Packaging Contents: Gravy, Stock & Stuffing
Packaging Materials: Tin

When it comes to household brands, you don’t get much more iconic than Bisto, Oxo and Paxo. To bring some extra cheer to the autumn/winter season, Premier Foods asked Robot Food to create a series of special limited edition tins.

The designs needed to be eye-catching and contemporary while building on each brand’s values. They also needed to be the sort of tin consumers would proudly display in their kitchens, and either keep for refills, or reuse for other purposes.

Playing on existing equities, the Robot Food team came up with three designs that gave each brand a refreshingly contemporary twist. The Bisto tin grabs your eye first with the striking red shades, then with sheer size of the iconic logo. Second is the ‘Aah!’ which sits like a crown above it. ‘Since 1908’ underneath the logo brings in the heritage element, and the Bisto boy himself takes pride of place in the tin’s top-left area to classically modern effect.

Decked out in two shades of vibrant red, the Oxo tin design takes inspiration from London’s famous skyline with the striking OXO logo in pride of place across the top. The Paxo tins are equally eye-catching. The blue hearts, in two contrasting shades, form an attractive repeated pattern around the tin on a bright yellow background. The ‘Perfect for all roasts’ slogan sits on the lid. The overall effect is classic meets cool.

Launched in August and exclusive to Tesco, all three limited edition tins make a proud brand statement and give the category itself a touch of prestige.

James Lomax, Brand Manager at Premier Foods said, “Bisto, Paxo and Oxo are all much-loved household names. Although they’re used all year-round, the autumn/winter season is when they really come into their own. Robot Food have created three fantastic designs that do two things: celebrate the brands’ heritage, and add the kind of contemporary edge that encourages fresh perceptions. Stellar work.”

Simon Forster, Robot Food’s creative director, said, “We really enjoyed this challenge. These three brands are deeply embedded in the nation’s consciousness. So it was a privilege to inject a contemporary flourish into such strong household names. All three make a great addition to any kitchen shelf.”