Hillside Coffee and Donut Co.

Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: EME Design Studio
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Hillside Coffee and Donut Co.
Location: El Paso, TX USA
Packaging Contents: Coffee bag, cups, donut boxes
Packaging Materials: cardboard, plastic, paper, aluminium

The local coffee roasters from Hillside Coffee & Doughnut Co. take their java seriously and strive to make lasting impressions with no holds barred. From business card to packaging, no expense was spared in creating this luxe modern take on art deco design. Crisp black boxes and cups with gold foil beaming out through ornamental dots and dashes, meticulously placed and hitting every note. The logo, type on circle enclosing a silhouette of the hillside, punctuates every sentence.

What’s Unique?
Gold foil one black, makes a beautiful and elegant packaging. Nothing like this has ever been done before in the city of El Paso and customers really appreciate the beauty of it.