Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: Maeutica Branding Agency
Art director/Design: Karen Gevorgyan
Illustration: Anahit Margaryan
Calligraphy: Mari Gevorgyan
Interior design: Hovhannes Papoyan
Photography: Arnos Martirosyan
Business idea creator: Haykuhi Taksildaryan
Brand Strategist/Naming: Marina Ghazaryan
Content Manager: Nika Yepiskoposian
Account Managers: Inessa Mikaelyan, Ghukas Madoyan
Communication manager: Ani Gevorgyan
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Adelie & the Stone
Location: Armenia, Yerevan
Packaging Materials: Paper, carton

Generate a flexible packaging construct that would bring to life “Adelie & the Stone” brand new gift concept store’s idea to life.

“Adelie & the Stone” offers a new approach to choosing presents by composing a gift set that consists of various items for a particular occasion or situation. Being inspired by Adelie penguin species’ love confession ritual during which male penguins gifted a stone to the preferred female as a symbol of love and their future «home», “Adelie & the Stone” treats every single present as a metaphor of that stone, which is meant to become a part or starting point for a new story.

In “Adelie & the Stone”, the gift is supposed to be symbol of our attitude towards a person and tell about our love, respect and admiration towards his or her passions.

We derived from “Adelie & the Stone’s” aspiration to offer a possibility of creating a unique and personalized gift for everyone. We developed an all-in one flexible construction, which let us combine various size boxes in a big one and create the set one wants. This approach gives an opportunity to match different items, making a set of many small or a couple of big ones, combined with tiny accessories.

Here everyone becomes the author of a unique gift story. In order to make the story complete, a group of calligraphers help client to generate a unique name or message for the set or even for every item.

The calligraphy along with Adelie penguin illustrations is essential part of brand identity. Both are meant to reflect the set’s mood and give a hint what is inside the box.

The approach played into both “Adelie & the Stone’s” and its clients’ hands.

First, the usage of a certain size boxes, which eliminated the need for numerous size boxes production for each item, was a winning solution for “Adelie & the Stone” in terms of financial expenses.

Second, it saved the Clients’ time, letting them combine a set of various items and have a specific hand-made calligraphy at one place, at one time.

Third, it let a combination of several items become one holistic present, the one with meaning, purpose and unique message of confession.