Milk & Flakes (Student Project)

Derrick Lin


Designers: Ozge Celebi & Gozde Celebi
Project Type: Student Project
Location: İstanbul, Turkey
Packaging Contents: Food packaging
Packaging Materials: Cardboard, HDPE

Milk & Flakes is designed to offer a practical and fun solution for children’s breakfast and school feeding hours. This is a packaging proposal that serves as one portion cereal and milk combined for breakfast.

Milk & Flakes aims to create a new product by bringing together two different products which usually consume together. Breakfast cereal and milk combination sold as a portion serves as a healthy nutrition option for children. It gives a practical solution to the parents who have difficulty in preparing lunchbox.

Users can pour milk into the cereal box directly without needing for another bowl because of the Milk & Flakes’ s HDPE coated inner surface. In addition, ease of use is ensured by a spoon hidden between two boxes.

What’s Unique?
Practical and healthy meal, alternative children lunch, easy consumption, ease of handling and storage, timesaver.