Mosquito Hates a Black Pepper

Derrick Lin


Designer: Jiyoun Kim
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: SG Hangook Samgong
Packaging Content: Insect Repellent
Location: Korea

Mosquito Hates a Black Pepper – SG Plus Repellent Aroma Mist
JiyounKim Studio presents SG Plus Repellent Aroma mist: Mosquito hates a black pepper which is collaborated with SG Hangook Samgong. ‘Mosquito hates a black pepper’ is a new organic product of SG Group which is made of Icardin from the black pepper.

Jiyoun Kim tried to approach in new ways to present a different value of the new generation repellent mist because SG group start to enter the insect repellent market and should compete with exiting companies. Most competitors recently have emphasized organic and eco-friendly concept thus they need to differentiated their product over the competition. For this reason, Jiyoun Kim was focused on finding the ingredient of repellent mist so he wanted to deliver the memorable and intuitive message ‘Mosquito hates a black pepper’ to the customers.​​​​​​​