Saalhof Presser Love Brut

Joost Identities


Creative Agency: Joost Identities
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Wijngaard Saalhof
Location: Haarlem, the Netherlands
Packaging Contents: Sparkling wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass, shrink sleeve

“The Miracle of West Friesland”
How flat can the ground be to make a wine with a character, similar to the creeks from the prehistoric period hidden beneath the surface of our West Frisian soil? Saalhof Presser an exciting experience of a time to remember.

In the Golden Age, Hoorn was a place who experienced a period of prosperity. From the city Hoorn VOC ships sailed around the world and traded with faraway places which brought great wealth to Hoorn On the 29 th of January 1616 Captains Schouten and Le Maire founded the southernmost tip of South America, and they named it Cape Hoorn after their hometown.

As part of the 400 years of Cape Hoorn, Vineyard Saalhof Wognum created a special edition of wine named “The Saalhof Presser love Brut”. A sparkling wine with velvet smooth bubbles. Flowers, citrus and flavours with a nutty and fresh aftertaste . Excellent as an aperitif. A wine with character, matured for more than 18 months in a wine cellar.

Made from Pinot Noir and the Johanniter grape. A sparkeling brut fermented tradionally. Checked by a wine analysis laboratory and made according to organic guidelines. Inspired by the rich history of the VOC and the travels from the sailors Jacob Le Maire and Willem Schouten with their vessels “de Eendracht en de Hoorn”, Joost Identities created an intriguing design for this sparkeling wine.

A sleeve made up of historic West Frisian elements resembling a rich image such as a white porcelain Old Dutch bottle with a look and feel which fits into this present time. Elegantly finished with a waving Dutch flag sealed with a West Frisian penny.

The wooden wine case founded from a sunken VOC ship was a one-time edition.

What’s Unique?
We didn’t chose for the classic wine label but an all over printed sleeve made up of West Frisian elements merged into an image reminiscent of an Old Dutch white porcelain bottle with the look that fits in this time. Elegance accompanied by a waving flag finished with a Dutch West Frisian duit. Within the category of sparkling wines such as champagne brut, Saalhof choose his own direction.