Lingyun Creative


Designer:Deng Xiongbo
Packaging Engineer:Su Zhicai
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Content: Flavored tea
Location: China

In China, when people eat too much fired food or hotpot, it’s very possible for them to get sores and pain in mouth, tongue and throat. This symptom is called “get inflamed”. In Chinese, “get inflamed” literally looks almost the same as “on fire”, and can indeed be understood as that the flame is burning. However, it does not indicate the flame that we can actually see, but a Chinese expression for describing physical discomfort. When Chinese people have such discomfort or intend to prevent this physical illness, they will choose to drink herbal tea. Based on the literal meaning of the product name, we adopt a straightforward way to design the fire extinguisher look of the product. The design will enable consumers to realize the strong effectiveness of the product in a shorter time because its appearance has explained everything. Additionally, in the context of Chinese culture, this creative idea is bound to be instantly understood at the first glance of every Chinese.