Rinascimento Caffè

Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: Due Punti D-Sign
Art Director: Giorgio Cappellaro
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Rinascimento Caffè
Location: Turin, Italy
Packaging Contents: Espresso capsules
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Card-stock
Printing Process: Offset

We’ve been contacted by our friends from Rinascimento to develop a strong, recognizable brand and a hi-impact packaging for a brand new Italian coffee, thought to allure the coffee capsule consumer. In a market where capsules are gaining more and more popularity, and where the low-end clones are slowly eroding the leaders share, Rinascimento wanted to be perceived as an honest and genuine small company dedicated to high quality coffee.

We opted for a cozy, colorful lo-tech approach, something human and reassuring that would look good in the kitchen by the espresso machine. We deliberately put Rinascimento in contraposition with the market leaders cold, hi-tech luxury feel.

The allocated low budget didn’t allow us to use fancy printing techniques, therefore we stuck with the basic 4 colors separation trying to get as much as possible from it. We chose a earthy color palette to transmit the coffee blends genuine flavor, and a hand-made touch on type and shapes to evoke an authentic “home-made” good coffee to drink in the good company of family and friends.

What’s Unique?
A reassuring lo-tech approach in contraposition with the market leaders cold, hi-tech luxury feel. The brand IS the packaging. The “r” of Rinascimento, as big as the entire packaging, symbolize an espresso machine from which the coffee drops into the cup.