FIVE STONES VINEYARDS wines are created by a vibrant hub of people who love wine and of knowledgeable, passionate and experienced winegrowers and winemakers who have come together to create excellent wine that meets the highest standards, with no compromises and no shortcuts. The place where faith overcame might, where simplicity defeated abundance, where a slim youth could win a victory over a large and seasoned warrior, the symbolic location where David fought Goliath, is where they chose to grow their wine. In the same way, the design had to represent this brave, legendary story on a wine label, with elegance and sophistication. We created a monogram as a logo icon and a special logo font. The label was printed at a reputable printer in France in order to ensure the best quality end result. The outstanding embossing, gold foil and spot gloss varnish add a very special finish to this minimalistic label.

What’s Unique?

The label for this boutique winery was created to be a serious wine in an extremely competitive wine market. This successful and much-loved brand is simplistic elegance and portrays the wine in an extremely sophisticated way. The challenge was to create 3 wine ranges, varying in price, but not to make the products look less expensive. We differentiated the ranges with different size labels, different foil colours and background colours.