Creative Agency: mousegraphics
Industrial Design: Loukas Chondros
Photography: Dimitris Poupalos
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Athens, Greece
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard

The design: In ancient Greece libations (choes originating in the verb chaiein=to pour) were meant to honour the Muses, the Nymphs and the Erinyes. The offering of liquids (honey, wine, water, milk) was part of the ceremonies relating to both life and death, as well as a reminder of the flowing of time. Mousegraphics created a jug inspired by the organic relation between the useful and the beautiful, by the age-old practices of the everyday and the austere accuracy of the Cycladic culture. Cycladic civilization emerged in the group of small islands surrounding sacred Delos in the southwestern part of the Aegean Sea (5.300 B.C. – 1100 B.C.) and became the object of many, and often contradicting theories. The unique kind of masterful abstraction that is observed in Cycladic sculpture (pottery and figurines), the historical indeterminacy surrounding the process of its making (as no stonemason’s workshop complete with tools has yet been found in relation to this sculpture), creates a realm of reference familiar to contemporary design: the realm of harmony-in tension, the precious balance between an idea and its execution. Mousegraphics created the specific ceramic jug as a gift to its clients and friends. Industrial design by Loukas Chondros. Photos by Dimitris Poupalos