Boxer & Co

1 Addison Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204, Australia

Creative Agency: Boxer & Co.
Illustrator: Kerby Rosanes
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Hunt and Brew
Location: Australia
Packaging Contents: Single Origin Cold Brew Coffee
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic bottle and label

Sydney’s Boxer & Co. was commissioned to create a brand new range of packaging for Hunt and Brew, a premium cold brew coffee from Western Australia.

Insights showed that young adults were looking for a more boutique product that reflected their desire for coffees from local, specialty cafes. We needed to create a product that answered the consumer need for a premium, chilled coffee that delivered a full-bodied and satisfying flavour experience.

With competition growing in the Australian Flavoured Milk category, it was imperative that we went to market with a brand that felt bold enough to enter the target market; 25 – 45 year old ‘hipsters’ seeking the ultimate coffee hit. From here, Hunt and Brew was born.

Boxer & Co. created a single-minded design aesthetic; bold, powerful and discernible, cueing the single mindedness of the product – café standard, authentic cold brew coffee with no added sugar. Each brew is sourced from quality single origin beans originating from Brazil, Honduras and Colombia. The packs were designed in a way that heroed the most iconic, predatory animals from each region – the Harpy Eagle from Brazil, Spectacled Bear from Colombia and Jaguar from Honduras.

What’s Unique?
We commissioned Manila-based illustrator Kerby Rosanes to create the set of 3 illustrations, executed in a unique geometric style, with longitude and latitude coordinates to indicate the specific origin, giving further depth to the designs. The animals were designed to feel as though they’re transforming from their bodies, representing the metamorphic feeling of drinking coffee.

The single-minded monochrome design and handcrafted tattoo style illustrations cut through on shelf and tap into the primary target – the ‘modern man’ who appreciates a quality brew and design aesthetics to match.

“The quality and authenticity of the product is reflected in the striking, unique illustrations created by a genuine, independent artist, making the design stand out against its competitors” Nicoletta Braach-Maksvytis – Designer, Boxer & Co.