Loch Lomond Brewery – Classic Range

Thirst Craft

93 W George St, Glasgow G2 1PB, UK

Creative Agency: Thirst Craft
Illustrator: Jack Daly
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Loch Lomond Brewery
Location: Loch Lomond, Scotland
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, aluminium can

The award-winning Loch Lomond Brewery needed a bold new look to achieve their big ambitions. The brewery wanted a brand that captured the quality and creativity of its beer while celebrating its home, so turned to Thirst Craft.

With two very different ranges to rebrand – traditional Classic Range vs experimental Craft Range – Thirst set out to match Loch Lomond’s iconic beauty with the brewery’s iconic beer through an overarching creative theme: modern perspectives of an ancient land.

Perspective No 1: Iconic Identity
Thirst designed a bespoke wordmark featuring subtle arcs and waves in the letterforms to mimic the land’s peaks and loch. This mark of quality sits high and proud across the whole portfolio as a consistent mark of quality.

Perspective No 2: Modern Classic Range
For the brewery’s more traditional Classic Range, Thirst needed to create a timeless perspective of Loch Lomond that brought to life each beer’s namesake.

Thirst commissioned Jack Daly to create a series of illustrations designed to take drinkers on a journey of discovery through the Loch. Each image follows one man’s day out by capturing stunning scenes from the shoreline. The images are dotted with delightful discoverables to tell the story behind the beer such as the Silkie’s silhouette or Luss’s Fleur de Lis etymology. Satisfyingly, the light source even travels from morning to night across the range, tracking the day’s progression.

The finishing touch throughout the portfolio is a clean, colour coded modular system to help range navigation. This is echoed with back of pack tasting notes that succinctly cover hops, taste and finish so drinkers can compare and contrast the range easily – like tasty Top Trumps.

And as each new range brings a new perspective of Loch Lomond, these collectible Classics are just the start. A much more avant-garde Craft Range is coming soon, bringing with it an experimental perspective that again matches Loch Lomond Brewery’s iconic beer with its home’s iconic beauty.