Derrick Lin


Designer: Steph Yamey
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Mr Flax
Location: Sydney, Australia
Packaging Contents: Smoked salmon
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard sleeve

Packaging design and branding for Mr Flax, a boutique salmon providore that hand cures and cold smokes salmon in small batches.

The brief was to convey the premium quality of the product while also injecting the personality of the young bearded artisan behind the brand. The client wanted a design that would jump off the shelves and stand out amongst its competitors.

The design is quirky and features a large illustration that combines the essence of Mr Flax himself with the ocean where the product is sourced. The maritime theme is continued through the anchor pattern. A die cut window showcases the product and extends the illustration so the salmon appears like a tongue poking out below the beard. Bold typography calls out the features and tells the story of the brand. Different hero colours are used for each of the three products within the range, each complementing the colour of the salmon and giving that flavour it’s own identity.