La Baleine à Cabosse – Global Design


Creative Agency: 2S Global Design
Creative Director: Sophie Schott
Artistic Director: Florence Béziès
Junior Artistic Director: Léonore Vié
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: La Baleine à Cabosse
Location: Marseille, France
Packaging Contents: Chocolate
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Recycled Cardboard

Claire and Aurélien did not know anything about cocoa until the day they decided to travel to Colombia. They discovered the richness and the variety of cocoa beans. Far from industrial chocolate, they threw themselves into the “bean-to-bar” concept (which means “from the cocoa bean to the chocolate bar”). They roast, crush, winnow and grind the cocoa beans within their store in Marseilles (France) to produce their own range of chocolates. The couple, passionate about their new profession, emphasize on homemade chocolate. In one chocolate bar, there is an explosion of flavors.

It is directly from Colombia that Claire and Aurélien contacted the 2S Global Design agency to help them for their project. Our mission was to develop the global design of the brand.

Why is the brand named La Baleine à Cabosse? (which means “The Whale with the hump” in French. “Bosse” means hump and “Cabosse” means cocoa bean.) In Tumaco, when coming back from a tour of cocoa plantations, the couple saw humpback whales. Their shape immediately reminded them of cocoa beans. That is how La Baleine à Cabosse was created, a legendary creature that traverses the Pacific waters looking for boats filled with cocoa. Apparently, if you see one of these whales from the shore, you are guaranteed to have a spectacular crop the following year.

By creating the identity of the brand, we brought life to the whale “à cabosse” who carries on her back trips from different regions of Colombia, the rising star of exceptional cocoa. The warm colors and raw materials make La Baleine simultaneously traditional and modern. The concept of the brand’s identity had to break with the traditional codes of chocolate factories and sweet stores.

The design of the chocolate bar was made so as to reinforce the story of the brand. We created a thin and wavy shape, making the squares of chocolate easy to cut and enjoyable to eat.

The packaging was conceived without any glue. It is a simple folding decorated by the atmosphere and the decor of the couple’s fabulous trip to Cordoba, Arauca and Tumaco, different regions of Colombia. 3 terroirs, resulting in 3 different flavors.

The universe of the store is shimmering and colorful, combining raw materials and different flat tints in harmony with the identity codes of the brand.

What’s Unique?
What is unique about La Baleine à Cabosse is its story. One day, Claire and Aurélien decided to quite their jobs and travel to Colombia. They discovered their passion for cocoa beans and contacted us from Colombia to help them with the project.